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Our honey bees buzz around Minamiboso and collect the gifts of nature.
Since the foundation of our business 60 eyars ago, we have received countless letters and calls thanking us for our products. We feel very happy to learn that we are helping others through our products We also feel what amazing animals bees are. We are proud to deliver our high quality honey products, and we hope that they will please your tongue. Hifumi Apiary

Magasin Rucher Hifumi
Adresse 515 Yawata, Tateyama,
Chiba 294-0047 Japan
Téléphone 0120-123-832(ligne gratuite)
FAX 0470-22-4010
Horaires ouvert de 9h30 à 18h00
Fermé le mercredi
URL http://www.123-832.com