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Pollination / Monument comforting the soul of bees

One of very important jobs that honey bees do in nature is pollination. Fruits and vegetables pollinated by honey bees not only bear fruits in high rate but they produce in better shape, with more flavor.
Today, CCD (colony collapse disorder), phenomenon in that bees disappear, has been observed in USA and reported on media, and there is a concern on its influence on agricultural products. Now the importance of honey bees has become recognized widely, as an research team was established at University of Columbia, USA. At International Beekeeping Conference, CCD has become an important issue.

Youfll know how important it was when itfs gone!

In Japan as well, foreign insects have been introduced to the country for pollination, resulting in problems such as changes in ecological systems and the threat of foreign pathogens.
We rent our epidemic-controlled honey bees for pollination.
Our honey bees can help you grow safe, high quality agricultural products.
We rent or sell our honey bees only to specified farmers.

Movie recommended by beekeepers

The movie gBee Movieh by Dream Works Animation

The movie tells us the world and nature that has continued for 27 million years and the importance of pollination by honey bees.
Now showing since January 2008

Monument comforting the soul of honey bees

Every March, we hold a Buddhist memorial service for honey bees at Awa Shizen Mura, Tateyama-city, Chiba. Over 100 people, from beekeepers in and outside Chiba prefecture, doctors of the domestic animal health center, to public officers, participate. Beekeeping study seminar is usually held after the service.

<We offer beesf favorite flowers and fruits to the monument.>