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Educational Programs & Policy

Students wear hats and nets, and gingerly approach to the boxes.When I open the box and take out the frame full of bees, their eyes brighten with excitement.  They listen to me enthusiastically.  They scoop honey from the hive and lick to taste, and exclaim with the word of “yum!”.At the end of the program, every student comments with a big smile that it was interesting.I believe that they find it fun because they experience the thrill of encountering countless bees, learn of the wonder of bee society, and taste the delicacy directly from the hive.I hope they are going to grow to be hard working just like honey bees!We are sorry we do not offer this program to regular visitors.

We love honey bees for no reason, so we want to keep as many honey bees as possible. It costs, but we are proud to say that we keep the largest number of bees in Japan. To continue bee keeping, we also strongly feel that we need to preserve the natural environment. Small insects like bees are very keen to small changes in the environment. If they find it difficult to live, it sure is bad for us human beings, too. There is a fact that year by year honey bees collect less honey because of global warming and damage to the environment. While we anticipate the future of beekeepers and apiary industry, we try our best to preserve nature and to keep our business with bees, thanking all of those who support us.